Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hoax - 2nd EP (Youth Attack!) (2012)

Violent suicidal hardcore. Kill yourself but take out as many people with you. Suicide bombers probably listen to this shit before unleashing their intestines on the world. Not much different from their demo and first seven inch. In fact, this includes a re-recording of "Suicide Pact" from their demo. While this lacks a singalong anthem (see: "Fagget") it has a sick guitar solo in its opener, "Down." I think it's a song about joining the military and dying? Because you don't want to live anymore? Then a guitar solo comes in near the end and it's, as mentioned, hella sick. Their third seven inch is coming out soon on Painkiller. Haven't heard about anything after. But maybe that's because they don't plan to live that long.


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