Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crowbar - Symmetry In Black (Century Media) (2014)

Somehow "stagedive" has become a buzzword in 2014. A touring band got fed up with their audience getting hurt because of people stagediving to their pop-centric music and asked people to stop stagediving. That should've been the end of the story but people feel very important. If a band doesn't want you to stagedive and you want to stagedive save your money and see one of the thousands of national touring bands who would love for you to stagedive. But no, everybody feels entitled enough to do whatever they want and whenever they want.

Last night I saw Descendents featuring a rotating cast of singers. After every song a guy in the front row would take a selfie with the leaving singer. People booed at first but by the second time it was just something that happened. This all leads to Crowbar of course.

Back in May, Crowbar was playing when some guy tried to stagedive. Security tackled the guy and the singer/guitarist of Crowbar, Kirk Windstein, proceeded to kick him in the head. On one hand, that's awful. On the other hand, is it that surprising that the guy who sings for Crowbar would act irrationally angry? His guitar sounds like a garbage truck coasting in first through a bayou. Crowbar are experts at making Supreme Ignorance. Equal parts heavy and groovy. No contemporary band pulls off the Supreme Ignorance quite like Crowbar.

Symmetry In Black is a return to form for Crowbar. I haven't listened to Sever the Wicked Hand in a few years but Symmetry In Black has been thorough 2014 listening. Maybe Symmetry In Black wouldn't have been as good if Kirk Windstein hadn't kicked that guy in the head. If Kirk Windstein got too level headed maybe the riffs would plummet and be replaced with logical and sensible thinking. The Descendents wouldn't kick some guy in the head. What I'm saying is, I wish Kirk Windstein had kicked that guy in the head last night and grabbed the closest guitar and riffed everybody away with the Supreme Ignorance.


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