Monday, September 29, 2014

Sheer Mag - Sheer Mag 7" (Wilsuns RC) (2014)

Stream Sheer Mag's debut seven inch via Bandcamp.

I got a late night FB message that was like, "I hate power pop. It sounds like being stuck at the Beauty Bar in SF on a Sunday and drinking too much cuz its miserable there." The reference went over my head but he sent me the Sheer Mag link and was like, "It's really good, I just don't like power pop." So I clicked play and was instantly blown away.

Four songs of mix worthy guitar licking bangers. If the Exploding Hearts played on a boat riffing down the Mississippi River it would sound like Sheer Mag. There's a touch of Big Star pop sensibility. It's all there.

So I asked a friend who runs a label if he had heard them. He responded with, "No, but you're like the fifth person to ask me that in the last day." Hmmm. You better buy the seven inch before you have to wait for the next pressing! What a complete gem.


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