Saturday, September 27, 2014

Botanist - VI: Flora (Flenser) (2014)

Stream the entirety of VI: Flora via Bandcamp.

People worry too much about what is and isn't black metal. Black metal has the most pretentious fan base. You thought the genre jockeys of punk were bad, they don't compare to those of black metal. Put a bunch of those guys and gals in a room and close the door. Mention Deafheaven and when the door is opened you'll have zero survivors and the walls will be dripping red. For fans of music, none of this matters. For fans of something different, give Botanist a stream. For fans of fans, enjoy the last week or two of summer.

Botanist takes the mood/feel of black metal but without the guitars and replaces them with hammer dulcimers. This is zero guitar riff metal. Does that sound intriguing? Does that sound terrible? Either way, VI: Flora is Botanist's fifth album so they have at least figured out what they're trying to do.


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