Friday, September 26, 2014

Iron Youth - Iron Youth 7" (Video Disease) (2014)

The opening chords to Iron Youth might sound like a Brainbombs song but once the vocals kick in you're moshing. Listen to Iron Youth at maximum volume with your head in a garbage bag, minimal breathing. Harris growls about every day being the same and endless self suffering. Harris also fronts premiere hardcore outfit, Glue. Iron Youth shares at least one member with Institute as well. All these bands are good.

There's also a Nazi band that shares the same name, Iron Youth. This Iron Youth sounds much angrier, much more hateful, than that Iron Youth. That Iron Youth is terrible. Both bands like to wear black. I'm still listening to that Iron Youth on YouTube. The worst part about being racist has got to be the awful music. The artwork isn't bad though.

Back to listening to this Iron Youth. I remember in the eleventh grade David had a giant bump on his cheek. One day in class the bump opened up and something in between green and yellow poured from the side of his face. In that moment of anguish if he put on a leather jacket and hit the pit I'd hope Iron Youth would be playing. This happened in 2001 so that's impossible but forego time logic and pretend. His face eventually stopped secreting fluids. I'm sure he's happy by now. I'm up at 4:44 a.m. writing about this wonderful new seven inch. Oh, to be happy.


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