Friday, September 12, 2014

Fell To Low - Urizen (Self Released) (2014)

Stream it via bandcamp.

I recently picked up a Four Hundred Years 7" and a Hoover/Lincoln split 7". Both are great. They're nice relics of emo before it became sensitive sniveling safe rock. The genre was derived from hardcore, not the local acoustic open mic. It appears Southern California's Fell To Low was a fan of the loud dynamic stylings of these bands, as their newest single, "Urizen," gives a confident nod to the genre that apex'd by the late nineties. Fell To Low features members of Minus and Nails so it's safe to expect high energy and competency at playing fast and loud. Having recently signed to Revelation I'm sure there's a well produced upcoming full length on the horizon. If it sounds anything like "Urizen" then we are very fortunate. I just realized that "horizon" and "Urizen" rhyme, that would've been cool if I did something with that. They also rhyme with "Verizon." If only they rhymed with "well written review."

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