Monday, September 22, 2014

Ovens - Ovens 7" (Catholic Guilt) (2014)

I see the long lines of people waiting to buy the iPhone 6. Who cares about the iPhone 6? Catholic Guilt just put up an Ovens seven inch for order! If there was any justice in this sick world those lines would be for the Ovens seven inch.

These eight songs were recorded in 2008. These eight songs are classic Tony Molina pop perfections. You got your expert Guitar Hero riffs. You got your Beatles-esque piano/Mellotron melodies. You got eight songs in 6:16. The songs with words in them have a couple lines up top which are followed by ceiling piercing guitar solos. In "Talkin' Shit," Tony Molina sings, "No one really says what they mean, and they're all exaggerating things, I can't believe." I really hope that isn't about this review, or any review I've written about Tony Molina/Ovens. Complete honesty is all that I've ever expressed.

This seven inch feels more mellow than the last Catholic Guilt one. Definitely more mellow than that seven inch that was just released on Melters. That being said, "Alone Again" does a pretty good impression of Weezer's "Susanne." If you don't like this music please don't talk to me ever again. How can we connect as friends if we can't connect over the best music ever released?

In a year from now there might be a new iPhone. Who cares? By then the next Tony Molina full length will have been released.


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