Friday, September 5, 2014

Whirr - Sway (Graveface) (2014)

Whirr's been making loud music for a few years now. Sway is their most dream-like release yet. It does a great job capturing the unconscious fogging up reality. It's slow, it's thick, but it's not heavy. You'll forget most of it by the time you stop listening. And just like a dream, bits and pieces will be recalled throughout the entire waking day. Those instances are standout tracks, "Mumble" and "Lines." Sway is the audio equivalent of fog rolling over the Marin Headlands trying to engulf San Francisco in wet euphoria.

Sway and Nothing's Guilty Of Everything are strong cases for guitar music creating its own distorted realities in 2014. Both bands are raising the bar for what is to be expected from dreams. Feel good downer rock.


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