Thursday, September 18, 2014

Creative Adult - Psychic Mess (Run For Cover) (2014)

There are many stressful things we deal with. Why hasn't she texted me back? Is that pain a cavity? Maybe she never saw the text. Did I park in a street cleaning zone? Seriously, why hasn't she texted me back? I don't hope she got into a car accident but if she did it would at least explain the silence.

Those are all trivial stresses. Real stress comes from finding out your friends have started a band. You're gonna have to listen to them. Inevitably the question will be posed at you, "So... What'd you think?" If you didn't like it that's valid. You can be honest. But they won't forget that you don't like an extension of themselves, their band, and your relationship will falter as a result. Which leads to Creative Adult.

Creative Adult consists of four dudes who exemplify the oddness of the North Bay. They were in hardcore bands before but it appears the aggression has begun to wane. My first encounter with them was "Dead Air" off of their first seven inch. From that moment I knew I was in the clear. I'll be one hundred percent honest: Creative Adult is an exceptional band. They haven't stopped putting out records and their live show is always on point. What else matters? This all leads up to February when they released their first full length, Psychic Mess, which is a testament to both the triumph of what they've accomplished and their potential for future releases.

Psychic Mess sounds like down tempo post-punkers decided to start taking acid. It's got punk energy, minor moodiness, and the bright exploration of psychedelics. It's what you'd expect from Creative Adult if you've followed their discography thus far. With each release they're tweaking their formula to make the perfect collection of songs. As much as I like it I can't help but think of what they'll do next with these sounds and ideas. With four seven inches coming out in the next six months we'll be doing just that.

If you want a progressive punk record that has massive replay you've found it. Who cares if she doesn't text me back, I got Psychic Mess on eleven.


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