Friday, June 27, 2014

Ajax - Bleach For Breakfast (Self-Released) (2014)

Download via icoulddietomorrow.

This demo by Ajax is so next level they didn't even call it Demo, they gave it a proper album name! The members have been in enough bands that they decided to begin at the finish rather than the starting line. Or rather, before the finish because they are still a band (they haven't broken up.) Most punk/hardcore bands wish their first couple 7"s were running at this caliber.

But this is the par for New York punk/hardcore bands in 2014. Unlike that other NY band Chain Wallet, uh I mean Warthog (yeah, seriously, they changed their name...) the drummer here hits with a genuine beat. You can tell he's the type of drummer who wouldn't follow someone on Instagram and unfollow them a day later. Hahahahhaa talk about a pathetic social media presence that guy has...

I know this is supposed to be about Ajax but I got kind of sidetracked. So let me just reiterate the three big points I'm trying to hit. 1. This Ajax release is top notch. 2. Warthog should've never changed their name from Chain Wallet. What a bunch of dopes. 3. The Warthog drummer is the John Kerry of social media: a total flip flop follower.


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