Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lust For Youth - International (Sacred Bones) (2014)

Lust For Youth drops the moody synth dirges for higher production pop tracks with International. Even though "Illume" is the first single, "New Boys" is the best single-esque song on the album. It makes you want to douse your naked flesh with cherry spritzer and slide down a mountain of uncircumcised penises. It's that good. My only complaint is the song, "Lungomare." The music is a-okay, but the woman talking in some foreign language is really annoying. I have no idea what she's saying and her voice just sounds so stupid. I bet she's reading her grocery list. Hey, it's cool if you need to pick up some chia seeds and coconut oil but why do I need to hear about it? It gives me a real lust for changing the song.


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