Friday, June 20, 2014

Warthog - Prison 7" (Iron Lung) (2014)

Listen to 3/4 of the 7" here.

I haven't updated this in nearly two years. Not much has happened. Adam Whites made me take down his interview because he was afraid of getting googled by a job possibility. Tony Molina made me edit his name out of his interview because of similar reasons. I live in the same area as I did before and haven't succeeded at anything. I still like listening to music. I have become increasingly out of touch with contemporary hardcore. I saw Warthog a week ago and they were really great. Raging hardcore that got the crowd moshing. They're from New York and were originally called Chain Wallet before being total idiots and changing their name to Warthog. I guess they sound more like a Warthog than a Chain Wallet though. But anyways, they played well and everybody loved them. Afterwards I talked to one of the guys I hadn't seen in a while. I asked him, "So what have you been listening to lately? What are your thoughts on the world?" He said those were questions he couldn't just answer off top and he'd have to get back to me. He still hasn't gotten back to me. But that's okay, those aren't the best questions I've ever asked someone. The drummer followed me on Instagram because I used the #warthog hashtag and then unfollowed me a few days later. The 7" is so good I'm willing to look past that.


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