Friday, August 1, 2014

Flesh World - A Line In Wet Grass 7" (Iron Lung) (2014)

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My opening line was perfect. "That's weird." A quick pause. "I didn't think angels were real." I smiled. I leaned in. "You're an angel." She smiled. The moment was perfect.

We drank drinks. We talked about her family. We talked about her past. We talked about her future. She rolled a joint. We stepped outside.

She finished the joint. I leaned in and kissed her. We kissed against the wall. Her tongue shot into my mouth. My hands fumbled for her hips.

"Want to sit down in my car?" I said.
"Sure," she said.

We sat in my car. Her phone rang. She picked up the call. She talked. I could hear both her and the guy on the other line. They talked for a few minutes. She ended the call with, "I love you."

We continued to kiss.

When we first kissed it was like The Shop Assistants. It felt cute and warm and upbeat. But then when we kissed the second time it was like Flesh World. It was clouded in uncertainty. Who was that guy she was talking to? It was a first date so it wasn't my place to ask. It was like The Shop Assistants painted their nails black and inhaled the flaccid fumes from a fog machine.

I wanted more. Flesh World, please give us more. I didn't think angels were real.


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