Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Soul Search / Minus - Split (Closed Casket Activities) (2014)

Los Angeles might be a wasteland for riff oriented hardcore but lingering outside the city limits is some serious mosh. I'm talking about Soul Search and Minus. Both bands are premiere acts waging war in the pit. If the fourth dimension is time then the fifth is the mosh pit and Soul Search/Minus are a physicist's wet dream.

Soul Search is ignorant. Their second song here, "Price of Freedom," is beyond ignorant. It's so ignorant I'm assuming nobody in the band knows how to read. When they go out to eat the server drops off crayons and a coloring book. This is the Earth is flat ignorant. The guitars sound like someone is rubbing gravel together. The drummer is probably checking Instagram between the drum hits in the beginning and end of "Price of Freedom."

Minus keeps the pit moshing. Their songs, "Shackled" and "The Difference," aren't as heavy as the Soul Search tracks. But the non-stop guitar riffing and tempo changes keep the stage dives soaring. This is feet first diving. Bad boy tracks.

Thank you, Soul Search and Minus, for keeping hardcore dumb. Twelve minutes of pure stupidity. This is why I love hardcore.


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