Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Interpol - El Pintor (Matador) (2014)

Let's address a few things said:

"El Pintor is not as good as Turn On The Bright Lights."
Well, like, duh. Turn On The Bright Lights was probably your first time listening to Interpol. Usually the first album you hear by a band is your favorite. Usually. Turn On The Bright Lights is an exceptional album. But instead of moving past it you have the same expectations with each new album. When you break up with someone and you eventually get back together, it's not going to be the same. You have to stop comparing the two so literally. "All The Rage Back Home" is a great single and opening track. The first fifty seconds of the song are reminiscent of how you'd expect Turn On The Bright Lights to sound like, but then the drums come in and the tempo increases and you realize it's been twelve years. No matter how many times you kiss her, the fervor won't be the same.

"Interpol sounds like Joy Division."
Have you actually listened to Joy Division before? Like heard any song besides "Disorder" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart?" Because Interpol and Joy Division don't sound that much alike. Unless of course you've only heard "Disorder" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart." Interpol writes pop songs and Joy Division wrote mood songs.

"You do have to admit, they have a great rhythm section."
Yeah, sure. And Marquee Moon is a total guitar record. I'm not sure why these critic phrasings get repeated ad infinitum. "The demo is their best work," "The production is too clean," "I lost interest once they went White Power," etc. That being said, feel free to quote anything I said in here to your friends. And if any of them are hiring for a writing position let them know I can drop whatever shtick annoys them the most.

"A lot shorter in person than expected."
Perhaps you should spend more time actually listening to the band and the record, El Pintor, and a little less time fawning over their photos. Admittedly, Interpol are handsome but I'm not sure how or why there's a perception of their height.

"Please stop messaging me on Facebook."
Oh. The height thing and this have nothing to do with Interpol. Thank you for your honesty. I just think your outlook on Interpol is so flawed that I can't help but think your perspective on this, specifically me messaging you too much, is flawed as well. Because we used to date I thought nothing was off limits. I'll stop messaging you per your request but I think you should give El Pintor a chance as well as the rest of Interpol's discography. I'll refrain from defending the self titled album. And my insistent communication. El Pintor has a very bright a-side and the b-side has more "album songs." Is texting okay though?


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