Thursday, August 28, 2014

Institute - Giddy Boys 7" (Katorga Works) (2014)

Please don't confuse this Institute with the Institute that is a Bush/Helmet collaborative project. There's no 90's alt rock guitar crunch here. There's no Gavin Rossdale angst. Everything isn't zen. I'm sure you're displeased. But, trust me, this Institute is still worth a listen.

This Institute is from Austin, Texas. This Institute shares members with Glue and Wiccans. Nobody in this Institute is married to Gwen Stefani. Not a single member.

This Institute sounds influenced by gloom post-punkers like Crisis. For instance, the intro to the title track, "Giddy Boys," is reminiscent of Crisis' "Holocaust." The final song, "Fate In A Pleasant Mood" trudges through repetitive riffs. Exhaust pipe riffs. If whimsy rockers Parquet Courts were doused in darkness it might sound like this Institute. This Institute will leave you feeling displeased. Displeased in a good way.


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