Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Back To Back - Narcissist EP (540) (2014)

Stream it all here.

Those sample coffees at Trader Joe's are great. They're a little kick to your day that aren't large enough to ever become cumbersome. I've thrown away half finished cups of coffee. I've thrown away cups of coffee with a few sips left. But I've never discarded an unfinished Trader Joe's sample cup of coffee. I am always left wanting more. At six minutes, Back To Back's Narcissist leaves you feeling the same way. (There's no sugar or creamer here, this isn't easy on the palate.) The first two songs are faster and remind me of a punk/hardcore Bone Awl. The third and final track is downtempo primitive fight music. You know when caveman take turns hitting each other over the head with a giant wooden stick? That's what "Ignore Me" sounds like.


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