Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ninos Du Brasil - Novos Mistérios (Hospital) (2014)

It's the end of July so of course my room is hot. I wanted to use the word "sweltering" but that sounds a bit superlative so I'll refrain. The one window that could provide ventilation to the room is closed because the window screen will erratically pop open. A cooler room would be nice but a buggyer room would be worse. In the recent past I went to the beach at two in the morning and drank a bottle of wine with some strangers I met near closing time at a nearby bar. Of course by the time I got back home, closer to four in the morning, my keys were not in my pocket. They were nowhere in the car. They were left at the beach with the empty bottle of wine. So I had to break into my room through the window screen. And that is why the window screen will erratically pop open.

Now here I am at seventeen past two in the a.m. reminiscing about that night on the beach. The weirdest part was on the ride back the guy sitting next to me kept trying to pull my pants down and give me a blow job. I told him I wasn't interested but that didn't stop him from asking me repeatedly for permission. "Just let me put it in my mouth for a little bit." No, and no and no and no. He apologized later for how drunk he was. I saw him tonight at the same bar but neither him nor I made any attempt at a greeting. A couple hours later I'm back in my room thinking about the dislodged window screen and that night at the beach. I wonder if someone found those keys. And it's just a matter of time until they've tried enough locked doors that they'll stumble upon mine and find me here. In this "sweltering" hot room.

They'd open the door and say, "Finally! But hey, this room is far too hot. The music you're listening too is very appropriate though. What is this?"
"I'm listening to Ninos Du Brasil's new album, Novos Mistérios."
"Never heard of them."
"Me either until this album."
"It sounds like Brazilian samba music."
"Yeah, but they're Italian and I guess the subgenre of samba they make is called batucada."
"Never heard of that."
"Me either until this album."
"But... it sounds like electronic music."
"Yeah, it's techno music I guess."
"What is techno music?"
"You know, I don't really know. I remember it was a catch-all term in the nineties for any type of electronic music."
"Oh yeah, like Chemical Brothers or The Crystal Method."
"This doesn't really sound like either of those."

They'd stand there in silence. I'd sit here in silence. My naked back sticking to the chair. Bugs would be flying into my room. The silence wasn't really silence, we were listening to Novos Mistérios together. The stranger would enter. He would say, "Just let me put it in my mouth for a little bit." I'd cave in. We'd keep listening to Novos Mistérios together. And the window screen would pop open.


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