Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gas Rag - Beats Off (Beach Impediment/Even Worse) (2014)

Here's my question for you. Is there any series of words that would you give you a better idea of what this album sounds like than this photograph of Gas Rag playing?

(Photo is from here.)

You know what, it's worth mentioning that they have both a drummer and a bass player. Neither are featured in the photo. They also play at a fast 80's punk/hardcore tempo. They look like they'd be slower. Besides that the photo is pretty spot on. At this point I was going to make some funny quips about observations made from the photo, like about someone in the background doing something weird but there's none of that there. The guy wearing the camou shirt seems like a regular guy. Everything seems pretty regular here. The guitarist is wearing a du-rag. Oh wait, that's pretty weird. I wonder if it's been soaked in gas? Haha, you know, like a gas rag??? Okay, that was pretty bad. I wonder if I was taller I would be a happier person.


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