Friday, July 25, 2014

Dark Blue - Dark Blue 7" (Katorga Works) (2014)

We are obsessed with the arbitrary. I work at a restaurant that's primary focus is pizza. One of the frequently asked questions I get is, "How many slices come in the pizza?"
To which I respond, "The pizza is twelve inches. The size of a record."
"How many slices are there?"
"Are you wondering about the size of the pizza?"
How many times the pizza is divided, i.e. the number of slices, is completely arbitrary. Two people being able to finish the pizza has nothing to do with how many times the pizza is divided. The pizza is one hundred thirteen square inches. If there are six slices, each slice is nearly nineteen square inches. If there are eight slices, each slice is nearly fourteen square inches. The more times the pizza is divided the less area each slice contains.

The amount of slices is completely arbitrary. I'm sure you're thinking of exceptions, but none of those matter. Your exceptions are just as arbitrary. We are obsessed with the arbitrary. Don't worry, this is all leading to Dark Blue and their seven inch on Katorga Works. Dark Blue aren't arbitrary. What is arbitrary are the vocals in music. But we are obsessed with the vocals in music. Eighty five percent of music criticism is all about one thing: whether the criticism giver likes or dislikes the vocals. You'd be hard pressed to think of bands you absolutely abhor but love the singing. That isn't so with guitars or drums or whatever else makes up the music. Dark Blue has one of the best vocalists: does anything else matter? Do you pretend to care about the size of the pizza when I'm telling you very factually that the amount of slices is exactly what you're looking for?

There are just two songs here. I mean slices of pizza. I'm lost somewhere in the analogy. But my point is, we are obsessed with the arbitrary. I used to be obsessed with Clockcleaner but they broke up. Now their singer, John Sharkey III, sings in Dark Blue. So now I'm obsessed with Dark Blue. And soon enough you'll be obsessed with Dark Blue. I'm sure the bassist, Andrew Mackie Nelson, wants me to tell you how amazing both songs are and more specifically that the a-side is a classic song. A classic song? Why would I say something like that? Instead I'll just let you wallow in the arbitrary. Dark Blue is completely arbitrary. There is nothing arbitrary about Dark Blue. Dark Blue is lovely. I love Dark Blue.


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