Monday, July 21, 2014

Ovens - 7" (Melters) (2014)

Stream the entire 7" here via Bandcamp.

I hate to be "that guy" but it's so obvious that all the struggles between Palestine and Israel would cease to exist if they all listened to the Ovens/Tony Molina. I know that sounds like an unsubstantiated grandiose statement but it's objectively true. Sorry. It's just sad the mainstream media never reports on anything Tony Molina related. If they did, world peace would be something that could be obtained not only within our lifetime but within the remaining days of 2014. Every religious conflict could easily be resolved by Tony Molina's riffs. Who cares about a higher power and what they want from our measly lives when Tony Molina blazes so bright on his guitar? Jesus walked on water. You know what also walks on water? A boat. Tony Molina walks on six strings. Ever heard of a boat playing guitar? I sure haven't. And I promise you, look through the archives of the BBC, none of this has ever been reported by the mainstream media.

To the educated eye, there are a few problems with what's going on here. For instance, the Ovens haven't been active for a long time. There's also the fact that Dissed And Dismissed was initially released in 2013 with the next album unannounced as of now. I'm gonna pull the rug from under your mind. The Ovens recorded in 2005 with Kurt Bloch of the Fastbacks. Even though a full length's worth of songs were recorded, they weren't happy with how it came out. Nine years later, they scraped the best four songs together and are releasing it via Melters on the 7" format! Rejoice, for all of our secular prayers have been answered.

With lyrics like, "And now I'm bored and I'm ashamed because I fell down the stairs again. And I wanted you to know that since you left this shit happens all the time," you'll want to hug Tony Molina. All I'm saying is, how can you shoot somebody with a rifle when you're too busy hugging Tony Molina? It's a question worth exploring.

If you value human life you'd stock up on this 7" immediately and drop them all over the impoverished regions of this planet. Tony Molina is our only hope.


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