Monday, July 7, 2014

The KVB - Out Of Body EP (A Records) (2014)

Stream all six songs here.

The KVB is a band I've never heard of so I did some extensive researching and came across some crucial information. The KVB consists of two members, Nicholas Wood and Kat Day. They are from the U.K. They are attractive. They wear a lot of black. They joined Facebook on 02/15/2010. Their e-mail is They are obsessed with Aranciata Rossa flavored San Pellegrino. Pretty standard stuff. But then I came across this chunket of information via

It could just be a typo but please follow my conjecture. Every other source refers to the duo as "Nicholas Wood and Kat Day." But here it refers to them as "Klaus Von Barrel and Kat Day." So here's the deal. Nicholas Wood made really serious shoegaze. It needed a real serious name because that's a humorless genre of music. So he changed his name to Klaus Von Barrel. He initialed his stagename and made that the name of the project. In 2011 the following conversation happened:

Kat Day: I love the music, what's your name?
Klaus Von Barrel: Klaus Von Barrel.
Kat Day: I'm sorry?
Klaus Von Barrel: Klaus Von Barrel.
Kat Day: Are you serious?
Klaus Von Barrel: Yes. I'm so serious that I have a serious name like Klaus Von Barrel.
Kat Day: That is so stupid.
Klaus Von Barrel: Klaus Von Barrel?
Kat Day: Klaus Von Barrel.
Klaus Von Barrel: Kat Day is a stupid name.
Kat Day: No, it's not.
Klaus Von Barrel: But you don't even sound like a German who commands a castle.
Kat Day: Yeah, I know, that's why it's not stupid.
Klaus Von Barrel: I sound prestigious.
Kat Day: You sound like you command a castle made out of barrels. Barrel? Really?
Klaus Von Barrel: What do you suggest?
Kat Day: What is your actual name?
Klaus Von Barrel: Nicholas Wood.
Kat Day: That's a thousand times better.
Klaus Von Barrel: Nobody takes me seriously with that name.
Kat Day: Based on what?
Klaus Von Barrel: People have said, "Nicholas Wood have sex with a man."
Kat Day: Um, was this in middle school?
Klaus Von Barrel: Yes, how did you know?
Kat Day: We're adults now so you don't have to worry about that.

And Kat Day was correct. Little did she know her private conversation with Nicholas Wood make it's way into a prestigious review such as this one.


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