Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Total Control - Typical System (Iron Lung) (2014)

Stream the entire album via Bandcamp here.

Typical System was my most anticipated record of 2014. Total Control released two of my favorite songs this decade, "Carpet Rash" and "Scene From A Marriage." Both songs can be listened to on repeat endlessly without a hint of lethargy. Typical System, a more consistent album than Henge Beat, doesn't have a "Carpet Rash" or "Scene From A Marriage." There's less loud guitars and more smoothed out synth in the direction of their other project, Lace Curtain. "Carpet Rash" is about having sex with an android. Typical System feels like drinking a vodka Red Bull out of a martini glass with an android. The energy is there but the emotion feels clinical. In each track the vocals sound like they're being sung at the song. Typical System is exactly the type of contemporary post-punk I'd expect to hear blaring from a loft space in Bushwick. That's not what I was expecting from Total Control, but it's still Total Control and Total Control is in total control of my speakers.


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