Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Glue - Glue 7" (Katorga Works/Video Disease) (2014)

I saw some punk bands play the back of a tire shop in Huntington Park a couple days ago. According to wikipedia, "A 2012 study by the California Center for Public Health Advocacy found Huntington Park California had the highest percentage of overweight children in all of California with 53% of the city's child population being obese or overweight." That might sound alarming but I find it to be very comforting. At least 53% of my writing is fat. On the other hand, seeing Glue in a town that flourishes in fat was odd. Glue is 0% fat. They are a lean, mean, moshing machine. Every song is in a constant state of pit awareness. There is not a single second on this 7" spent without some type of pit cardio. The a-side is mid tempo for the warm up. Side to side. The b-side is faster for a much more violent display of pit mastery. If you hear Harris' feral snarl and you're not jumping onto someone? You better be on your hands and knees as your pit sisters and brothers spring off your back. If not? You aren't worthy of the pit. Hand in your punk badge, your career is over. You can tell people you're in mosh retirement but that's a lie. You were fired and you're never allowed back. You are the mental 53%. Peace.


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