Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Morgan Delt - Morgan Delt (Trouble In Mind) (2014)

Remember those Fridays when you were in high school? You'd schlep your slack jawed excitement through campus all day waiting for the final bell so you could go to Andy's house and light up a blunt with your friends? Black lights, lava lamps and Halo? Everything was beautiful and nothing was hurt? Then you grew up and smoking weed was absolutely awful? Getting high became a chore where all life's problems were enlarged under a smoky microscope? Your adult friends sat slumped in a living room watching some so-bad-that-it's-good movie? You never understood people getting paranoid while high but now all you did was get paranoid about your life and what you needed to do with it when you were high? So you vowed to never smoke again and just stick to drinking because beer did the exact opposite, it helped you ignore your life and its many shortcomings? Remember that?

If so then you'll enjoy the nostalgic happiness Morgan Delt creates. It'll remind you of everything good about getting high. Warm, hazy and radiant. Sometimes you need to escape. Just like Morgan Delt sings, "Reality is a let down."


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